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Calcium Bromide

Calcium Bromide
Added:2010-6-12  Author:haina   
molecular formula : CaBr2
Cas No.: 7789-41-5 
Calcium Bromide powder, dissolved in water or other brines, yields completion workover and packer fluids of densities of up to 2.3 gr/ml (19.2 lb/ US gallon). It is useful in adjusting the density of fresh or recycled workover, completion and packer brines. Calcium Bromide brine, Clear, 52% by itself (at 14.2 lb/US gallon) or combined with Calcium Chloride, will give oil and gas well completion, workover and packer brines with bulk densities of up to 15.1 lb/US gallon. Brines with crystallization points of as low as -30°C are supplied for use in cold climates

Specific Gravity:
1.7 min.
Concentration by water:
52% w/w in water min.
Freezing point:
-10℃ max.
Clear Solution:
With>1.70 S.G(22℃).
15 NTU max.
Chloride content:
1% w/w max.

Packing: 340kg/Drum.4 drum/pallet.1.7mt/IBC or as customer’s requirememt.
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