Soda Ash

Soda Ash
Added:2010-6-12  Author:haina   
Molecular formula Na2CO3
CAS number: 497-19-8
Specific Property:White powder or fine crystals.
USEwidely used in manufacture of chemicals and metallurgy, medicine, petroleum, hides processing, textile,
printing and dyeing, foodstuff, photograph, glass, enamel and paper industry, etc. as well as for purification of water.

Quality Index
Total alkali content:
99.2% min
0.7% max
0.03% max
0.004% max
Water insoluble matter:
0.04% max
Ignition loss:
0.80% max
Bulk Density:
0.9g/ml min
Particle size l80μm Sieve Remaining:
70.0% min

Packing:In plastic woven bags of 40/50/750/1000kgs net each.
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