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Poly-ferric sulphate (PFS)

Poly-ferric sulphate (PFS)
Added:2011-12-16  Author:haina   
Molecular formula::[Fe2(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2]m,n<2,m>10,且m = f (n)
Poly Ferric Sulfate(PFS) is a popular inorganic polymer adopted in water purification. It can be used widely in purification of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater from electronic, paper-making, printing and dyeing, electroplating and food industry. It's a safe reliable clarificant.
Poly-ferric sulphate is a poly-hydroxy, polycaryon cation abio-marcomolecule flocculating agent. It can mix with water in any rate, the solution is full of a large amount of :
  Polyferric ion has a larger molecular weight than a common abio mixed flocculating agent. When using as a water processing agent, it can effectively compress electric double layer so as to deduce the poly POT of water colloid. It has advantages of strong absorption capacity, cohesion and precipitation capacity, big and quick flocculating unit, wide ph scope and non-breakable.
  Quality Index:

Proportion (20℃)
Fe3+Thickness (g/1)
Viscosity (20℃,cP)
Alkalization Degree(%)
Fe:2+Thickness (g/1)
Mahogany Dope
1、 Stable processing effect, no temperature influence, suitable in any different climate area.
2、 Overcoming high causticity of ferric salt. Comparing with ferric chloride, lower causticity and reducing the color of iron ion in water.
3、 Wide effective PH value and strong applicability comparing with aluminum salt.
4、 Less use level, low cost
5、 In industry waste water processing, good decolorization and high removing effect on COD.
6、 Safe, reliable and nontoxic.

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